I wish I had eyelashes like that… ! I hear this on a day to day basis and I thought it was time to talk about
what they are, how they work and most importantly how do you know they are right for you.

Eyelash extensions initial appointment is up to a 2 and half hours. Some of you may say oh wow that is
a long time. But trust me this is a well needed length of time which includes cleansing of the lash area to
priming and lash mapping.

What is lash mapping ? Very good question… each and every one of us has a
different eye shape and to determine which length and diameter should be applied we need to go through the
process of lash mapping. Now don’t forget that the aim of eyelash extensions is to lash every single
individual lashable lash that you have.

Now that we have been through the appointment details this is the most important part…. THE
AFTERCARE! I can’t stress this enough…. you need to look after your lashes. Just think if you
didn’t wash your face for 2 or 3 days, what happens ? You look and feel dirty, Right? I think we can
agree on that, and as hard as this may seem you need to cleanse your lashes everyday and brush through

Adhesive is used to attach each lash so anything remotely oil based will break the
adhesive down. The good news is that most people who have lashes no longer use eyeliner because they
have enough depth with the extensions. Also, no mascara please… this will only clog up the lashes and
ensure that they drop out earlier than expected !

Last but not least be prepared to come back in at around 2-3 weeks for a lash fill… The appointment is not
only half the time but it also keeps your lashes looking fresh and any little ones which are at their falling
point will be removed and new ones will be reapplied.

Don’t forget about natural lash shedding this is absolutley normal and its just like the hairs on your head
they need to fall out to allow new ones to grow… otherwise we wouldn’t have to go to the hairdresser.

If you have check listed everything in the article you are definitly ready, if not it should still help you to
decide wheather you are ready to get those lashes on in the near futur and I am hoping for the most of you
this will only make things clearer and allow you to make your jump into lashes a lot easier.

See you soon for your brand new set of eyelash extensions xx