Get your toes out!

Have you been hiding your toes for the last 6 months ?

Well, it’s that time of year again. The sun is out and summer is just around the corner. Pedicure season is officially here! Not only is it one of the most relaxing beauty treatments out there, it also has a wow factor and brings a noticeable difference to your look!

As a therapist, over the years I am always being asked the same questions, so to help you out and to understand why a toe nail has gone yellow carry on reading…

A yellow toe nail often is simply nail varnish pigments which have anchored themselves to the light surface of the nail. This can happen due to non preparation of the nail or wearing it for far to long. Most of the time this can simply be buffed away or from repetitive pedicures will disappear.

If any of you are runners or quite athletic, don’t be worried if you lose a toe nail this is very common and it’s due to the impact within your shoes and the constant transpiration. Many times have I seen this and it hasn’t had a longterm effect !

So what makes my pedicures different from ‘any old pedicure’ ? Well, the most common problematique areas are for all of us our worst nightmares…. terribly dry heels, often cracked or with a large amount of hard-skin. I use a the callus removal system which doesn’t feel abrasive or uncomfortable, a full on foot scrub and and good relaxation soak, moisturizing foot massage followed by cuticle removal, nail shaping and prepping for OPI Gel Polish or OPI Nail Polish.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a full on foot pampering session to get you flip-flop ready for those sunny days ahead. I use a specified skin care range for hands and feet from OPI Pro SPA. This will allow you to go home with silky soft feet and beautiful toes due to an amazing blend of ultra nourishing cupuaçu and white tea.

So don’t delay and book your appointment today!

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